Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Charge of the Light Brigade

Rolled the cannons up to the top of the hillski, we had about 30 of them LOL! and they were well heavy.
Could really feel last nights vodka, my head...
Got our cannon in position and suddenly saw the Britski's just standing there, they didnt do anything!
Obvs we wouldnt fire when they were doing nothing but suddenly, they trotskied forwards and well, we had to :P
BOOOOMM!! We reacted in "bear" time, they didnt stand a chance. HA!

They're getting closer nowski... UH-OH
Left, right, centre. Our canonballs collided thunderously with the earth before the gallant enemies charging steeds, they tumbled to their deaths! Muahahahaski!
These Britski's just dont give up! The ones who've lost horses just carry on towards us on foot
OH,EM,GEESKI! Wish they'd give up already!
woahhhh! our guys on the Causeway Heights want to watch what they're doing, no vodka for them tonight... they just nearly took my head off with a stray cannonballski!

DEAD! they're all DEAD!
Deader than the deadski dodo's!
LOL! that was funski! (even though I lost my armski... and best friend... and brother...)
Off for vodka now XD

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  1. Siobhan and Jack-I think is a really funny take on what happened during the charge, even if it is stereotyping! I think you've used the sources well here...Fab work! The blog also looks very good :)